Solving Problems One Innovation at a Time

We innovate, design, and manufacture time saving add-ons for existing print and application equipment that works easily and seamlessly with print and application equipment. We are constantly finding new ways to help apparel decorators solve bottleneck issues in production. Check out how we innovate for each process below.

We’ve been creating time-saving solutions for screen printers for ages. It’s a passion of ours and we love to see our clients’ businesses grow after implementing some of our solutions into their workflow.

Below are some of our innovative equipment series that you can check out.

Tag Bot™

The TagBot™ allows you to print the main graphic and neck tag at the same time!

This fast and efficient upgrade to your M&R, ROQ, or MHM automatic screen press is a “no brainer.” Cut your print production time in half and increase your output and profit instantly.

Hat Champ® SP Series

The Hat Champ® SP Series is designed to fit most screen printing presses and does not require special screens. The platens are interchangeable – they thumb screw on and off so you can print on all types of caps and visors. The platens come with two removable foam pads, one with a groove for ease of printing on seamed six panel caps. The Hat Champ®’s unique pull and lock system holds secure enough for multi-color printing so no adhesive is required.

Sports Champ® Series

The Sports Champ® Series is ideal for screen printing on mesh shorts, umbrellas, and other odd shaped or multiple layered substrates. Our new replaceable aluminum platen is more durable and reduces flashing time. Its improved latching system is adjustable so you can set the tension low for quick cycle times, or increase the tension for difficult multiple color designs. The Sports Champ® holds securely without adhesives and will fit onto any printing press.

Pocket Champ®

The Pocket Champ® slides onto your platen (platen sold separately) and thumb screw tightens to the board. It has a 4″ x 4″ printing area for screen printing pockets and koozies.

Our Direct to Garment solutions save time and add versatility to your DTG printer. Our products feature our patented TucLoc platen technology and work with most Direct to Garment brands. Learn more below.

TucLoc® System

The TucLoc® System is a patented garment holding system for Direct to Garment printers. That means no more adhesives, rings, or hoops . The garment is simply tucked in between two rubber pads that can accommodate thick or thin material. The TucLoc® System holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and allowing printing heads an unobstructed path.

Hat Champ® DTG

The Hat Champ® DTG is designed to fit on Direct to Garment printers. The Hat Champ’s unique pull and lock system holds secure and flat for printing. The platens are interchangeable, they thumb screw on and off so you can print on all types of caps and visors. The platens come with two removable foam pads, one with a groove for ease in printing on seamed six panel caps. The Hat Champ® DTG can be mounted on most Direct to Garment Printers.

DTG T-Grip® Platens

Custom platens available.


The NeckSys DTG platen allows the front chest graphic and the inside neck tag to be printed at the same time on the same platen.

The 2.5” x 3.75” tag platen sits in front of a 15.75” x 15.75” main platen utilizing our patented TucLoc holding system. Loading speed is optimized with the self-centering neck guide and the rotating tag platen drops out of the way to help keep your tag image crisp and unblemished during unloading.

Currently compatible with the Epson SureColor F2000, F2100, and F3070.

We have introduced our patented Tag Along® platen to the heat printing industry.  Currently, exclusively offered through Hotronix and its dealer network. Learn more below.

Tag Along® HP Platen

The Tag Along® HP Platen, a patented design of Livingston Systems, gives you the ability to perform two heat applications at the same time. Simply thread your garment onto the platen and apply a full front and tagless label in one simple step, saving your business time and improving efficiency. It’s compatible with select 16″ x 20″ heat presses and is designed to help you load garments straight for accurate positioning every time.

Our patent pending 3-in-1 DTF Vacuum Platen is revolutionizing single sheet DTF film printing. No more taping, accidental film slips or curling.

Effortlessly move between 3 sizes with the slide of the lever.

3-in-1 DTF Vacuum Platen

Livingston Systems 3-in-1 DTF Vacuum Platen offers a frustration-free vacuum solution for single sheet DTF printing. No more taping, accidental film slips or curling.

This 3-in-1 platen allows you to effortlessly move between sizes with the simple rotation of a lever. Size options include A3, 14×16, and 16×20.

Compatible with Epson SureColor F2100, F2270, & F3070 and Brother GTXpro & GTX600.

This platen is perfect for shops utilizing Epson and Brother DTG printers looking to expand into DTF.