Warranty Policy

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty Policy

Warranty Period:

Livingston Systems warrants its products for 1 (one) year from the date of the original sale of the product.

Warranty Items:

  1. Livingston Systems Manufacturer’s Warranty – The warranty covers defects in materials and
    workmanship (excluding the items listed below).
  2. Sub-Components – Replacement parts for malfunctioning systems under warranty are replaced at the component level where possible. Entire systems are not replaced unless either the faulty component is not replaceable or all components comprising the product are defective.

Non-warranty Items:

  1. Normal Wear and Tear – Livingston Systems will not warranty cosmetic damage, scratches, or ink
  2. Neglect and Abuse – Livingston Systems will not warranty failures or damages that have been caused by accidental damage, misuse, negligence, obvious abuse, deterioration due to environmental conditions, or lack of reasonable preventive maintenance.
  3. Modifications – Livingston Systems will not warranty any damage due to customer repairs, alterations, or changes performed on products by anyone other than Livingston Systems.
  4. Unreported Shipping Damage – Identification and reporting of shipping damage is the recipient’s
    responsibility at time of delivery. Failure to report shipping damage at time of delivery voids any claims made with Livingston Systems.
  5. Third Party Shipping – Shipping from locations other than Livingston Systems is not covered under
    warranty. Livingston Systems has no control over third party shipping or procedures for inspection;
    therefore we can take no responsibility.
  6. Limited Life Components – Any items that require periodic replacement as part of normal product
  7. Product Conditions – Failure caused by cleaning agents, corrosion, chemical exposure, or extreme
  8. Warranty Claim Form – Any claims that have not been processed through our Warranty Procedure
    below or have not received a Claim #.
  9. Fraudulent Claims – Any claim, which is fraudulent.

Warranty Procedure:

  1. Verify that the product or replacement part is under warranty before beginning the warranty claim
  2. Contact Livingston Systems for a Claim #.
  3. Completely fill out each section of the Warranty Claim Form, including your signature. Failure to do so can result in a delayed or denied claim.
  4. Return completed Warranty Claim Form with Claim # to Livingston Systems.
  5. If it is determined that the product will need to be returned:
    a. Product must be returned within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of Claim #.
    b. Packing and protection of product to be returned must be of at least the same quality as the
    original packaging (no loose product in boxes).
    c. Original shipping boxes should be used whenever possible.
  6. Livingston Systems will be available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm (MST), to provide technical support and answer any warranty related questions.